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Chocolate drinks are a popular drink in bars and cafes.

They usually consist of a base of warm milk or water, mixed with chocolate syrup or cocoa powder to create a rich, creamy and chocolaty taste.

Some variations may include the addition of espresso coffee or liqueur.

The most popular chocolate drink is the classic hot cocoa, made with chocolate powder, hot milk and sugar.

However, there are many variations, several of which we will present below:

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A rich and creamy drink made with high quality chocolate and real praline.

To make this drink, you should start by mixing warm milk with chocolate praline powder. A shot of espresso or a hint of liqueur could be added for extra flavor.

For the topping, you could add whipped cream and grated chocolate on top, and some chocolate syrup. This will give the drink a luxurious look and an additional chocolate flavor.

In general, a chocolate praline drink should be smooth, creamy, with strong chocolate and nutty flavors that are perfectly balanced with sweetness.


An arancione drink is a chocolate drink with orange flavor incorporated. The name “arancione” is Italian and translates to “orange” in Greek.

To make this drink, you would start by mixing glucose syrup and orange zest. Then add cocoa powder and or chocolate chips to the hot water or milk and stir until the chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth and creamy.

Then you add the glucose syrup with the zest and a little orange juice to the chocolate mixture to give it a unique and refreshing citrus flavor that will balance the chocolate flavor.

“Choco Beverage” orange cocoa powder saves you from this process.

This drink can be garnished with orange zest and some chocolate shavings to give it an intense color.

An arancione drink is ideal for those looking for a unique twist on the traditional chocolate drink, incorporating the refreshing taste of orange.

Chocolates - DelDore Roasters


“Fragola” is a delicious and delightful strawberry chocolate drink that combines the rich taste of chocolate with the sweet and fruity taste of strawberry. This drink is made with high quality ingredients such as high quality cocoa powder “Choco Beverage” with strawberry.

It creates a drink with a smooth and creamy texture that will surely satisfy your most demanding customers.

To make this drink you would start by mashing strawberries and then cooking them together with sugar and chocolate powder until you achieve the texture you need for your drink.

Strawberry Cocoa Powder “Choco Beverage” has achieved this cooking and gives you a rich and creamy drink. For best results use full fat milk.


The “salted caramel” cocoa powder gives a warm, rich drink that combines the sweetness of caramel with a hint of salt and the rich taste of chocolate.

To make this drink you would start by mixing milk or cream with chocolate powder and caramel syrup and then add some salt to enhance the taste.

Now you have it ready and the result is a smooth and creamy drink that is a perfect winter drink or you can recommend it as a dessert after a meal.

Some variations may include whipped cream or chocolate shavings on top as a topping.

Chocolates - DelDore Roasters


A chocolate drink made with Ruby cocoa powder is a drink with a reddish-pink hue.

The cocoa beans are naturally colored with a reddish-pink hue.

They are known as RUBY cocoa beans and quite popular for their unique flavor profile that differs from traditional cocoa beans.

Ruby cocoa powder gives a chocolate drink characterized by its unique fruity and berry-filled taste as well as its natural pink color.

It is a non-alkalized cocoa powder which means it retains the natural acidity and fruity notes.

It can be served hot or cold and is a great alternative for those looking for a different chocolate experience.


A perfect banana flavored chocolate drink. A rich and creamy drink made with “Choco Beverage” banana cocoa powder.

Intense chocolate flavor with balanced sweetness from the banana.

The texture of the drink is smooth and velvety, with a hint of creamy banana.

The drink can be served cold or hot and could be garnished with a small slice of banana or a sprinkle of cocoa powder.

Delicious and enjoyable drink that combines the classic flavors of chocolate and banana.

Chocolates - DelDore Roasters


A perfect chocolate drink with a cookie flavor.

A delicious, attractive drink made with cocoa powder that has a strong biscuit presence.

The drink can be made with milk, cream or a non-dairy alternative such as almond or soy milk.

The texture of the drink is smooth and creamy.

It could be topped with whipped cream and a crushed cookie for garnish.

Hot or cold, always delicious and combines the classic flavors of chocolate and cookies.


A perfect chocolate-gooseberry flavored drink.

It is a unique and delicious drink made with “Choco Beverage” cocoa powder with a strong gooseberry flavor.

Rich and intense chocolate flavor, perfectly balanced with the slightly sweet gooseberries.

The drink can be made with milk, cream or a non-dairy alternative such as almond or soy milk.

The texture of the drink is smooth and creamy with a slight bite from the gooseberries.

It could be decorated with some cocoa powder or some fresh berries.

A delightful drink that combines the classic taste of chocolate with the unexpected taste of gooseberry.

Chocolates - DelDore Roasters

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