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With more than 30 years of experience in the production of Specialty coffee beans, DelDore Roasters offers a wide range

of exclusive, high-quality espresso blends. Each combination is rigorously tested and subjected to numerous taste tests.

Our blends are roasted to order and in small batches, ensuring you always get the freshest beans delivered to your door.


An exceptional blend of 100% Arabica beans from five different coffee growing locations around the world.

Deep, rich flavor, with an exotic, spicy aroma, the recipe for this clever, premium blend is a well-kept secret, but once you try it, you'll have no doubt how amazing it is.


A blend of excellent coffee varieties, with intense aromas of fruit and wood for rich cream, full body and endless enjoyment.

  • Type – Arabica
  • PROCESSING – washed
  • BODY – rich
  • TASTE – aromas of fruit and wood
  • ALTITUDE – 1,600-1,900 meters


Mexico Oro is a wonderful blend of coffees from some of the largest and most traditional Italian producers.

They all came together to create a smooth, fruity blend that's fantastic to enjoy at any time throughout the day.

This is a great choice for those new to the world of coffee and all its complexities and subtleties.


It is an excellent blend of selected varieties of coffee with a chocolate-caramel flavor, an aftertaste of nuts, with a dense body and a pleasant, sweet taste. For all Espresso lovers!


Espresso coffee with high processing standards!

This blend delivers all the delicious fruity notes of some of our strongest blends.

Filter Coffee

Filter Coffee by Deldore Roasters is a fine blend of carefully selected Arabica coffees, expertly crafted to deliver enjoyment regardless of the brewing machine.


Tradition and passion merge in 2 varieties of Greek coffee that you can find with us: Dark or Blonde, produced from strong but refined blends, to cover every taste.


DelDore Roasters' Colombian Specialty Coffee is an excellent example of the fine, rich coffee that Colombia is known for, and is a testament to the county's reputation as one of the best coffee exporters in the world.


Brazil Extra Specialty Coffee is monovarietal and is made from exclusively prepared bourbon variety coffee beans.

More flavorful, medium bodied, with noticeable acidity and prominent floral tones.


Mexico Specialty Coffee is chocolaty, nutty yet light in body and strength, Mexico Specialty Coffee is perfect for everyday drinking and its natural spiciness means these beans make an excellent base for coffee cocktails


If you like your coffee to have a rich body and heavy flavor, then Nicaraguan coffee is probably not for you.

Those who prefer it speak of a milk chocolate flavor with a sweet caramel aroma and some citrus notes.


Our Peruvian coffee has a fruity and floral flavor, low to medium acidity and a subtle chocolate finish.

Peru Arabica Coffee will give you a great filter coffee, but it will also give you a delicious espresso.

Whether you are just an espresso coffee lover or a professional in its beginnings, you will surely have come across the term Harmoni or “Coffee Blend”. Here we will try to explain in the most understandable way what this term means.

A coffee blend consists of more than one single-origin bean (ie coffee from one geographical location). The blends are created through a process called ‘blending’, which involves mixing different coffee beans to balance different acidity, flavor notes and aromas – creating new, dynamic flavours.

For example, you may love the sweet and smooth flavors of a Costa Rican espresso coffee, but feel that it lacks the intensity and flavor of your favorite Indonesian coffee. By blending these beans from different origins, you can create an exciting new brew that will give you the best qualities of both coffees.

This process is something of an art and can take different forms depending on the mix and its creator.

In espresso coffee, the critical elements that define its quality are the aroma, the body, the acidity and the intensity of the taste. At DelDore we seek best practices without resting on our laurels. We are constantly testing new blends and new methods to offer even better results.

The processing we do both in single varietal espressos and in our blends is very careful, so that their precious ingredients are preserved unchanged. “Spiri” or ground, the coffee we have is produced in our own facilities and bears the seal of quality excellence. We have the ability to “customize” the solutions we provide to suit our customers’ solutions.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us.

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