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Passionate about coffee and quality!

For coffee lovers, enjoying it is an extraordinary experience. For this reason, we at Deldore got to know coffee in depth, its peculiarities and all the processes required from the long journey from the “coffee tree” to your cup.

With the expertise we have acquired, we select the finest varieties from the best producing countries and scrupulously follow the prescribed processing and packaging rules, so that the final product meets the most stringent requirements.

With dedication to quality as our sole guide, we follow innovative transportation and storage methods, while constantly investing in innovation.

Thus, with respect for both the product and the end consumer, we manage to create products of high standards, consistent taste and incomparable superiority.


Ongoing Support

Our only goal is to provide products and services that fully meet the expectations of our customers. This is how we manage to create mutually beneficial partnerships that endure over time, based on shared values and goals.

Our experienced associates are trained to listen to your business needs and provide you with their knowledge and services.


Experience & Expertise

Our long-term experience in the field of coffee and catering has established us as one of the most specialized companies in the field.

Wanting to pass on our love for coffee, we stand by each of our customers to educate, support and provide the solutions that best suit their every need.

Only in this way will our customers be equally proud of our products!