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Fiamma quadrant 3 barista

Η Fiamma Quadrant 3 Barista is a modern single boiler machine with electronic temperature control. Display and shot timers allow an easy management of key settings. Quadrant gives you the best of both worlds: eletronic control and the traditional single boiler + thermosiphon system. Αυτό το μοντέλο επιταχύνει τη ροή εργασίας πίσω από τον πάγκο. This model speeds up the workflow behind the counter.

Fiamma quadrant 3 barista

Precise temperature control of the water and steam boiler and the coffee water boiler with PID regulation

Digital Management

Easy programming and monitoring of portions, extraction parameters, working hours, counters and alarms

Shot Timers

Monitors to control the extraction time for each group

all specifications

  • groups 3
  • temperature control PID
  • counters
  • boiler 5.0 kW (18 l)
  • steam wands 2
  • programmable water portions
  • pre-infusion
  • Voltage ~220-240V / 400V~2N
  • LED lights
  • customization
  • weight (Kg) 79
  • single boiler
  • shot timers
  • smart alerts
  • pump rotative (external)
  • water tap 1 (portioned)
  • automatic cleaning
  • power 5.2 kW
  • cup warmer
  • dimensions 960x600x595mm
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