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Stainless steel scoops

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Stainless steel scoops 68 ML, 142 ML, 242 ML, 301 ML

Choose a size that suits your needs. A typical size is 68 ML.

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Stainless steel scoops are commonly used by baristas to measure and portion ingredients when making cocktails.

Some uses:

  • They are used to collect ice in shakers or cocktail glasses. Size can vary by drink and use, but a typical size is 68ML.
  • They can also be used to distribute garnishes such as olives, cherries or citrus slices.
  • They can be used as measuring cups, to measure dry ingredients such as sugar, salt or herbs for cocktail recipes. This ensures precision and consistency in the taste of the drink.


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142 ML, 242 ML, 301 ML, 68 ML


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