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Rooibos Tea Blend – Mango/Papaya

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Rooibos Tea Blend 100g & 200g

Red tea with Mango, Papaya, Pineapple, Blueberry, Raisins, Rose Petals.

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Rooibos Tea is the “red tea” of N. Africa. Its scientific name is Aspalathus linearis.

It is a shrub with needle-like leaves, which we use for the Rooibos drink, after undergoing an oxidation process similar to that of tea.

It is a completely pure and natural drink since it does not contain caffeine, additives, preservatives and coloring substances.

Suitable for children and homeopathy.

Contains iron, potassium, copper. It has a low percentage of tannin and does not prevent the absorption of iron by the body.

If you let it drain for 5-10 minutes, its antioxidant effect increases significantly.

The most recent incarnation of Rooibos tea is the so-called “red espresso”.

It is made in an espresso machine using powdered leaves instead of coffee.

This is what the ad for the world’s first espresso tea sounds like:

“With its unique combination of health properties, as well as great taste and style, red espresso is revolutionizing the coffee space by making it something it had never thought of: healthy”

Loaded with antioxidants and 100% natural. Of course, the same can be said about coffee. “Roibos Tea Blend”

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100g, 200g


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