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Organic Sencha

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Organic Sencha 100g & 200g

Organic green tea.
It is collected from the first harvests of the production. Its thin and long leaves, our
they give a sweet drink.


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Sencha is a green Japanese tea made from small leaves of the Camellia sinensis (tea bush).

Japanese sencha tends to have a refreshing taste that can be described as herbal, green, seaweed or grassy.

Flavors vary with different types of sencha and how they are made.

After picking, green tea processing begins with a quick steaming of the fresh tea leaves, preventing oxidation and locking in the green color and flavor. The sheets are then rolled, shaped and dried.

Our organic tea is brewed in the Japanese style, ie. its fermentation is stopped with steam unlike the rest of the countries which is stopped with hot air. So its leaves retain a greener color and smell like freshly cut grass.

It is often served hot and at all hours of the day. With moderate to low levels of caffeine, it can provide a nice boost without keeping you up at night. With a vibrant green color and fresh taste, it also makes a refreshing iced tea.

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100g, 200g


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