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Ideale espresso capsules from Essse Caffè.


Essse Caffe Ideale 50 pcs. €0.50 per pc.

  • AROMA: towards high
  • BODY: medium
  • PERSISTENCE: long lasting
  • ACIDITY: towards high
  • COOKING: medium

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Ideale espresso capsules from Essse Caffè.

Ideale is a light and delicate coffee, ideal when you want to have a satisfying cup of coffee at any time of the day.

This blend was studied with the aim of finding a product that could be placed between a classic coffee and a decaf.

The result, after countless tests by Essse Cafe experts to find the perfect blend, was Ideal.


Ideale coffee is the balanced blend that guarantees you the taste of a classic coffee, but with a low caffeine content.

These features allow you to enjoy Ideale whenever you want, from sunrise to sunset.


Ideale gives you the full body of its blends from the first sip, with a harmonious taste between bitter and sour notes.

Satisfying even cold and can become the protagonist in delicious cocktails that conquer the palate.


What makes the Ideale blend special is the union of refined Arabica, fine Robusta and decaf, which enhance the unique taste but with half the caffeine, compared to a traditional cup of coffee.

The result is a coffee with a full and rich taste like that of the traditional one, but with only 50% caffeine compared to an Essse coffee.


The smoothness of Ideale makes it a perfect coffee for all hours of the day when you want to give yourself a break but without too much caffeine.

A sweet and light coffee, which can be consumed even in the late afternoon.

Discover the Ideale blend from Essse Caffè, for excellent hot and cold coffee!

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