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The flavor syrups we have are so thick that a small amount is enough to give a special taste to the coffee and the bottle can provide you with up to 100 doses!

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There are many flavors of coffee syrups that can be used to add a sweet and delicious touch to coffee.

Some popular flavors include:

Vanilla: A classic and popular flavor that adds a sweet, creamy taste to coffee.

Hazelnut: A nutty and sweet flavor that pairs well with coffee.

Caramel: A rich and buttery flavor that adds a hint of sweetness to coffee.

Almond: A nutty and slightly sweet flavor that can add depth and complexity to coffee.

Coconut: A tropical and sweet flavor that can add a unique touch to coffee.

Chocolate: A rich and beloved flavor that can add a touch of sweetness and a hint of cocoa to coffee.

Spices: A blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves that can add a sweet-spicy flavor to coffee.

Irish cream: a flavor that mimics the taste of Irish liqueur, can add a creamy, caramel-flavored sensation to coffee.

Maple: A woody and sweet flavor that can give a unique touch to coffee.

Mint: A fresh and refreshing flavor that can add a hint of mint to your coffee.

These are just a few examples of the many different flavors of coffee syrups available. You can experiment with different flavors and find the one you like best.

Flavor Syrups - DelDore Roasters


Coffee businesses add flavor syrups to coffee for a number of reasons:

To create unique and special drinks: Coffee shops can use flavor syrups to create unique and special drinks not available in other coffee shops, which can attract customers and set them apart from their competition.

To increase sales: Adding flavored syrups to coffee can make it more appealing to customers, which can increase sales. For example, a vanilla latte with a shot of caramel syrup might be more appealing and sell more than a regular latte.

Why they appeal to a wider audience: Some people may not like the taste of coffee, but they enjoy the taste of syrups. By offering flavored coffee drinks, they can appeal to a wider audience and gain customers who might not otherwise have them.

To make beverages more customizable: By offering a variety of syrups, coffee shops can allow customers to customize their coffee to their personal taste preferences, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and repeat visits.

To make drinks more profitable: Adding syrups to coffee can make it more profitable for the coffee shop, as syrups are a low-cost ingredient and can add significant margin to the drink while still being affordable to the customer.

Overall, coffee shops add flavor syrups to coffee to make it more appealing to customers, increase sales, and create unique and special beverages.

This way, they can appeal to a wider audience and make their drinks more customizable and profitable.

Flavor Syrups - DelDore Roasters

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