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Filter Coffee by DelDore


Filter Coffee 500g.

Every sip of coffee contains a bit of our care and passion, since we ourselves process, “roast” and standardize the coffee that we distribute in every part of Greece.

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Filter coffee is one of the oldest and simplest methods of making coffee.

In Germany in the early 1900s the invention of paper filters was a fact and is attributed to Melitta Bentz, a German lady who in 1908 patented the idea to start a commercial distribution.

Representing approximately 80% of global consumption, filter coffee is still one of the most widespread, well-known and most enjoyed coffee-based beverages in the world.

Especially in the United States and Northern Europe. So much so that it has become a true symbol of the American way of life.

The system is based on the principle of slowly dripping hot water through a layer of ground coffee placed on a paper or metal filter. With filtration, the water dissolves the water-soluble substances contained in the coffee powder, transferring them to the water.

So see how to prepare a perfect filter coffee, even at home:

  • Amount of coffee: 7.5-8g.
  • Water temperature: 92-96°C
  • Water volume: 125 ml
  • Water volume: 125 ml

The coarser grind (compared to that of espresso or mocha) allows the water to filter slowly and have a more complete extraction.

When it is too coarsely ground, the coffee has a weak taste.
When it is finely coarse (“trick” used to reduce the time and necessary dose and save money) the taste is bitter and we risk burning the coffee and resulting in a bad taste.

Filter Coffee by Deldore Roasters is a fine blend of carefully selected Arabica coffees, expertly crafted to deliver enjoyment regardless of the brewing machine.

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