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Essse Caffe Pods Decaffeinated


Essse Caffe Pods Decaffeinated 50 pcs. €0.50 per pc.

  • Aroma: sure
  • BODY: medium
  • PERSISTENCE: Medium/long lasting
  • ACIDITY: intense
  • ROASTING: light
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Essse Caffe Pods Decaffeinated.

In Essse Decaffeinated capsules, you will find a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees, decaffeinated with unwaxed beans (removal of lipids) to bring out as much as possible its mild and delicate taste.

It is the right choice for anyone who loves espresso at any time of the day or night, for anyone who wants a satisfying taste while avoiding the stimulating effect of caffeine.


Each capsule is individually packaged for easy handling and perfect protection until consumption.

Essse Caffè Decaffeinated can give you all the pleasure of a relaxing coffee break, but without the caffeine, and it’s also particularly easy to digest, as it’s not only decaffeinated, but also dewaxed.


On the palate it leaves a taste, with intense notes of dried fruit and cocoa. It is pleasantly light and balanced.

The organoleptic characteristics are:

Definitely aroma
Medium body
Medium/long lasting
Intense acidity
Light roasting


Sistema Espresso Decaffeinated consists of the best products of Arabica and Robusta origin, processed and blended.

Thanks to the experience of Essse Caffè, this product is balanced, with excellent organoleptic properties, but without caffeine.


Since it is completely decaffeinated, this type of espresso is always suitable to drink, even after the evening meal, to end the day pleasantly.

Don’t forget to enjoy the espresso at any time. Choose Essse Caffe Pods Decaffeinated.

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