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Espresso pods Essse Caffe Maestoso.


Espresso pods Essse Caffe Maestoso 50 pcs. €0.50 per pc.

  • AROMA: high
  • BODY: rich
  • PERSISTENCE: long lasting
  • ACIDITY: medium
  • ROASTING: medium


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Espresso pods Essse Caffe Maestoso.

This coffee is magical. It satisfies you from the first sip with its full and deep flavor.

Its creamy, velvety texture and flavors of chocolate, vanilla and spices make Maestoso a royal blend that can be enjoyed from morning to early afternoon.


The harmony of the Maestoso blend wins you over for its smoothness. A coffee you can never say no to.

The combination of the S12 espresso coffee machine technology with the special Maestoso blend makes every cup as delicious as the one at the bar.

The Essse Caffe Espresso System capsules are a quick and easy choice and guarantee the enjoyment of a perfectly prepared coffee at home and in the office.


Maestoso is a coffee with a structured body, with a rich and exciting aroma, which gives a long tasty aftertaste.

Sweet and bitter combine like the best couples, in a perfect balance between chocolate, the taste of spices and rich vanilla.

Maestoso manages to give the pleasure of a full, creamy, velvety, refined coffee.


Arabica and Robusta are skilfully combined by the Essse team, which manages to give Maestoso a rich identity.

Arabica beans impart aroma, smoothness, fruit notes and just the right amount of acidity, while Robusta beans guarantee fullness, creaminess and a strong chocolate note.


The velour Maestoso is suitable to be enjoyed at any time: for a morning awakening, for an injection of energy in the middle of the day or for a pleasant end to the evening.

If you are looking for a rich and chocolatey coffee, choose Espresso pods Essse Caffe Maestoso.

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