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Espresso Knock Box – Coffee Residue Drawer


DelDore Roasters

35x25cm/9cm Inox espresso Knock Box

A commonly used tool in the coffee brewing world to dispose of used coffee grounds.



The knock box is a commonly used tool in the coffee brewing world to dispose of used coffee grounds.

But why do you need it?

  • For convenience:

An espresso knock box allows you to easily dispose of coffee grounds without having to take them to the waste bin or compost bin. This can save you time and reduce the mess in your kitchen.

  • Hygiene:

Coffee grounds can get everywhere and potentially become unsanitary. A knock box provides a designated container for used coffee, reducing the risk of cross-contamination with other food.

  • Sustainability:

Used coffee grounds can be composted and a collection box can facilitate the disposal process in an environmentally friendly way.

  • Equipment protection:

Hitting the portafilter on a hard surface can damage the machine as well as the portafilter. An espresso knock box provides a softer surface for this purpose, protecting your gear from wear and tear.

Overall, an espresso knock box can be a useful tool for any coffee lover who wants to simplify the coffee brewing process, maintain hygiene and protect their equipment.

Additional information

Weight2000 g


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