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Bar spoon for cocktails


Bar spoon for cocktails 28cm with plastic cap


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A bar spoon for cocktails 28 cm long is an essential tool of a barista. It is used for mixing or to create layers in cocktails.

The long spoon handle allows you to reach the bottom of a mixing glass or shaker to ensure all ingredients are well combined.

The curved design of the spoon is also useful for creating a smoother stir and preventing the drink from being over-diluted.

In addition, a bar spoon for cocktails 28 cm. it can be used for layered cocktails, where different liquids are poured into a glass in a specific order to create distinct layers of color and flavor.

The long handle of the spoon can help you carefully pour each layer without disturbing the previous ones.

It is a versatile and essential tool for any bartender who wants to create well-crafted cocktails.

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